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Music Exchange (#MEX21) Speaks To The Entertainment Economy

Lauded and awarded for its consistent commitment to the broader South African music industry, #MEX21 will run from 11 September to 2 October 2021, with a wealth of quality international and local speakers. Some of the topics #MEX21 will unpack, in detail, include our streaming reality, the platforms generating engagement (Ayoba) and driving artist’s incomes (SubmitHub), right through to the importance of heritage (MEX Chairman), the state of radio in South Africa (KFM), and just how artists are rebuilding and morphing in response to the pandemic (RJ Benjamin).

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Michael Smellie

Music Exchange announces 1st #MEX21 keynote speaker: Music Australia chairperson Michael Smellie

Music Exchange 2021 (#MEX21) has announced that current Music Australia chairperson Michael Smellie will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming 11th edition of the entertainment economy-focused conference.
As part of this year’s conference, audience members are invited to participate and ask this global music thought leader questions regarding the industry.

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Call To Action With A Global Music Thought Leader

Music Exchange 2021 (#MEX21) goes live in September and we’re proud and equally honoured to announce our first keynote speaker to our 11th entertainment economy-focused conference, the current chair of Music Australia, Michael Smellie.

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IFPI Global Music Report 2021

“IFPI continues to campaign for a better legal environment for our member record companies to conduct business in around the world. Our work often involves fighting for and defending the rights of those that make music possible. A long-term campaign in China bore fruit last year when the Government established full performance rights. For the first time, revenue for right holders will be generated for the use of recordings in public performances and broadcasts, enabling further re-investment into the music community in the country. I believe it will serve as a key example of how putting the right laws in place can shape a bright future for music.”

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