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A Million and Counting

On 11 May 2021, Music Exchange (MEX) was privileged and equally proud to announce a fundamental partnership with one of the continent’s richest entertainment economy-focused platforms, ayoba.

Today, 4 April 2023, just shy of two years since MEX joined the ayoba fold, we are proud to celebrate the zero-rated app’s momentous million subscriber milestone.

What makes this landmark achievement even more remarkable is that when MEX first began delivering weekly content to the then The Daily Plug channel in May 2021, ayoba had an already impressive subscriber base of just over 800 000 loyal followers. In September of 2022, MEX took over The Daily Plug, and ayoba rebranded the channel to the aptly named Music Exchange.

MEX is proud to remain a committed content partner to ayoba in raising the bar in delivering entertainment-economy content written to empower, entertain and push the needle in fostering this critically important sector of the continent’s economy.

Music Exchange on ayoba

Ayoba users can access MEX by subscribing to the channel at no cost. Simply download the app from the Play Store, register and signup for the channel.

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