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The Media Online: “Mixed response to call for radio stations to increase local music content”

“In April, founder of Music Exchange, Martin Myers, called for radio stations across South Africa to increase the amount of local music they play.”

“Myers said at the time that during these extraordinary times, support for home-grown talent was vital. “The landscape has changed irrevocably, and South African radio needs to decrease the amount of imported music it plays – that royalty income leaves our shores and is not productive for the local economy,” he said. “By profiling and keeping arts front-and-centre, when the epidemic ends the arts stands a chance to be heard as we all clamour for the rand and an audience.”

“He tabled a series of points for stations to consider:

  1. If eight or 10 songs are being played each hour, surely you can push up the South African content to four or five songs in that hour?
  2. Profile artists, at a set time each day, say from 20H00 – 21H00 each day.
  3. Artists are at home at the moment and can easily be featured, but don’t only do artists; give actors, playwrights, poets, painters a platform as well.”

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Martin Myers

Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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